Buyers Guide to Choosing a Mink Blanket to Warm Your Life


Art appreciation has existed since early humans painted on cave walls. Plus, in many cultures, different types of blankets, quilts, and throws have been used as a practical art form that tells a story, celebrates heritage, and beautifies a space, all while they keep the owner warm. Throughout history, artfully-made blankets have been collected by the wealthy, and as the manufacturing process made blankets more plentiful and less expensive, more households began incorporating them into their décor.

Aside from the obvious purpose of keeping a person warm, there are many other reasons why people buy blankets. For example, some people buy a specific mink blanket to add their personal style to a space and demonstrate their flair, priorities, and standards. Plus, it can add color, balance, and even a focal point to a bedroom. Other people buy blankets for sentimental reasons. Perhaps they remind them of their childhood—or another meaningful time in their lives—or in the history of their family. The right painting can enrich the life of its owner by providing beauty, inspiration, warmth, as well as a better night's sleep. By knowing how to choose the right blanket for your situation and preferences, you can ensure a satisfying buying experience.


Choose the Right Weight Blankets

With so many attractive options, you want to make sure to choose a blanket that is the right thickness and weight for your sleeping preferences. The super-soft medium-weight mink blanket is 70 x 90-inches—and it easily fits a queen or king-sized bed—and it weighs 4.6-pounds. This makes it perfect for year-round use, and you can also layer it with other blankets during the colder months.

 The super-soft, heavy-weight mink blanket, however, is 79 x 96-inches, so it also fits a queen or king-sized bed. It weighs 6-lbs, making it a great option for a comforter. With a blanket this thick, you likely won't need any other throughout most of the year.

 The Sherpa blankets are some of the softest and thickest faux-fur covers. They feature a deluxe, faux-down side on the back. These are available in queen-size at 79 X 96-inches and 8.1-pounds, as well as King-size at 87 X 95-inches and 9.1-pounds, making them perfect for use during the coldest months, but also a cozy option year-round.

Choose Artistically Inspired Blankets

Many popular paintings by well-known artists have been recreated as blanket images to make them more accessible to the public. Although most people can't afford to own and display pieces by well-known artists Stephen Michael Gardner, David Gonzalez, and Dave Merrick—to name a few—they can, however, afford to purchase and present a blanket that features their art. Plus, the colors on these functional art forms are very vivid and the images are dynamic making them an attractive addition to any room.

Choose Blankets That Celebrate Americana

Create an attractive nook in your home by displaying the decorative designs that celebrate Americana. From vintage Marilyn Monroe to Elvis, from motorcycles to muscle cars, from sports teams to superheroes, the range of images are varied. With options this diverse, anyone can find a cover that represents the pictures they want to display in their home or present to a friend or family member.

Choose Decorative Blankets

Other people prefer to enjoy more traditional styles of blankets rather than those that display their favorite person, place, or animal. Abstract, astronomical, and southwestern designs provide tons of color, as well as a theme around which to decorate the rest of your room.
These are available in a variety of styles and some of the most vibrant colors on the market. Additionally, several of these come in 2-ply, double-sided versions that allow you to have a bit of variety. If you feel the need for a change, you can just flip the blanket over to create a completely different décor.

The Best Ways to Showcase Your Blankets

When buying decorative blankets, try to use only one primary genre per room. For example, if you're displaying totem animal designs, limit the variety to only those particular types of animals rather than exhibiting something like superhero pictures among them. To showcase several different styles, place other images in different rooms instead of putting them together, and then decorate around each of them separately. If you want to create an eclectic look with a variety of styles, try to at least follow one central color scheme. This provides a sense of unity that carries throughout the room.

When choosing mink blankets, you should also have an idea of how and where you want to display them. For example, these blanket are perfect for use as a comforter. They're thick enough that you wouldn't need any other covers on your bed throughout most of the year, and depending on your comfort-level you might not need anything besides this one during the colder moths, as well.

Plus, not only does it make a beautiful cover for your bed, but it has many other potential uses, as well. For example, if you drape it over the back of your sofa or on an easy chair, it works as a throw for when you get chilly reading, catching up on social media, or binge watching your favorite TV show. It adds a pop of color to the space and also makes an inviting blanket for sleep-over guests, to keep them cozy at night.

Then use the right color of wall paint to showcase the blankets.

By using white or off-white shades like "country white" or "cream" to showcase the blanket, it allows the blanket's colors to dominate the space. Another option is to create a contemporary look by choosing one of the main colors in the cover's image or primary design and paint the walls in a lighter, more muted shade of that color.

Using the exact shade of the color used in the blanket would likely be overpowering to most people. Using a wall color that entirely contrasts with the blanket's primary colors, however, can result in a disharmonious environment which—depending on the desired look—could actually be effective in some spaces.

This is particularly helpful if you're planning to entirely redecorate the space. Any of these three methods can be used to achieve your goals. On the other hand, if painting your walls isn't in your future, you can pick a blanket that has colors that complement your existing color scheme and successfully incorporate it into the room.


Protect Your Blanket with Proper Cleaning

Whether a blanket is purchased for decorative reasons or merely to keep you warm, when a great throw is acquired you want to make sure it lasts. With minimal exposure to UV rays and proper cleaning, a high-quality blanket will remain as soft and vibrant as the day you bought it for many years to come.

Since a mink blanket is 100-percent polyester, it is completely machine washable on a delicate setting and it will air-dry quickly. Although technically you can tumble-dry the blanket in your dryer (without heat, of course) without causing it to lose any of its softness, it really isn't necessary. If it gets dirty, just put it in the washing machine and then toss it over your shower rod—or something similar to that—and it will be dry and ready to use by bedtime.
Shopping with Assurance from Snuggly Mink Blankets

When shopping online, it's important that you feel comfortable with the seller. This helps build your confidence and sense of security when you're buying from them. Read the "About Us" page to discover that Snuggly Mink Blankets has been in the retail blanket business since 2009, and learn a bit more about the proprietors. Then check out the "FAQ" page to learn more about the product.

Click on each collection to read the descriptions and obtain a better understanding of what makes each of them different. Then read through the customer reviews. This will inform you about other people’s buying experience, the seller's ability to communicate, their speed in following through, and whether the items sold matched what was described. Check out the special offers, which are usually listed on the Home page.

In Conclusion

Investing in a luxurious, premium mink blanket to decorate your living area is a very good way to beautify the space without spending a fortune. Deciding what type of blanket you're looking for is the first step. You can either choose pieces that match the existing theme in the room, as well as the carpeting and wall color, or decorate the room using the new blanket as the focal point and buying new elements to complement them. Once you have a great blanket that you love, make sure to properly care for it by washing it on the delicate cycle of your washer and hanging it to dry. With just a little bit of effort, your beautiful cover will stay colorful and plush for years to come. Therefore, when you choose to buy another one, it'll be because you want to add to your collection, not because you need a new one. Browse the vast and diverse selection of snuggly, mink blankets to grace your home or the homes of those you love and never feel cold again.                     



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