Happy Holidays! Snuggle with Fluffy Mink Blankets

Happy Holidays! Snuggle with Fluffy Mink Blankets

One of the merriest Christmases we've had was in 2009. We had just begun carrying the softest, fluffy mink blankets in beautiful designs that we had ever seen. As soon as we saw them, we were intrigued; the moment we first touched them, we knew they were something we could be passionate about.

We just had to have them, and we knew we wanted to spread the cuddly, plush comfort to everyone. Sleep is an important part of one's daily activities that affects all aspects of life. Adequate rest makes a person healthier, happier, more productive, and easier to get along with. Having the right blanket makes proper rest nearly a guarantee. There are several options, but these were the softest and most vibrant we had encountered. We had the feeling (and we still do) that we could make the world a better place, one snuggly mink blanket at a time.

Heavy Weight Mink Blankets

People are always looking for new bedding options that are adequately soft, provide added weight, and feature a pretty or interesting image. Although nearly everyone who encountered our blankets—either in person or via the website—was impressed with the incredible images and vibrant colors, they weren't always sure what a "Korean mink blanket" was. Although they are commonly referred to as "Korean Mink," "faux fur," or "fleece," the blankets aren't made from minks and they aren't all made in Korea.

 First, we educated our potential customers about the product. Despite their name, these super-soft, super-thick blankets aren't made from mink fur or any other animal fur for that matter. They're made entirely from synthetic materials, typically acrylic, polyester, or some combination of the two. The term "mink," on the other hand, refers to the incredibly soft feel of the blankets. Since most people believe they need to touch the covers to truly appreciate their value, convincing them how soft they were without the actual tactile experience was the first challenge.

Second, regardless of their name, most of these super-plush blankets aren't manufactured in Korea. The reason they're often called "Korean" mink blankets is that they became popular in the U.S. when soldiers brought them home from Korea after the war. Since that time, they have been produced in many different countries, which are imported into the country. We obtain them from a variety of suppliers to provide the best variety of images and themes to our customers. This way, we can offer something for everyone.

Our First Retail Christmas Sales

Our first Christmas selling the mink blankets was extremely exciting. We really enjoyed helping customers choose the perfect blanket for the certain someone's on their holiday shopping list. Ours were considered by many to be the absolute softest option on the market. We had three sizes: twin, queen, and king, but most come in 79 x 96-inches, so they fit a queen or king-sized bed. They weighed 6-pounds, so although they're heavy-weight, they're still perfect for year-round use.

We had so many different designs. Most—but not all of the styles we had that year—could be divided into the following categories or themes:

  • Alaskan Animal: Alaska's Favorites, Alaska's Wildlife
  • Animal: Bison, Cat, Deer, Horse, Lion, Moose, Puppies, Tiger, Wolf
  • Animal Print: Leopard, Tiger, Zebra
  • Birds: Chicken, Eagle, Peacock
  • Hidden Animal Designs: 9 Deer, 10 Black Bear, 8 Brown Bear, 13 Horses
  • Floral: Roses, Sunflower
  • Mythical: Chinese Line, Dragon, Fairy, Yin Yang
  • Native American: Chief, Totem Animals, Southwestern, Warrior
  • Sea life: 4 Dolphins, Whales

However, this is only a small representation of the many choices available. With so many dynamic and vibrant images, there was seriously something for everyone.

Therefore, many customers visited our website multiple times. Once they bought one design for someone on their Christmas shopping list, they would visit again to purchase additional blankets for the rest of the people on their list. One of the things they like best was the wide variety of designs featured on our website. They were able to find the perfect image for everyone on their list. Several bought upward of nine different throws, and others would buy a couple in the same design to gift to different people.

Unfortunately, some of the designs we carried that year are no longer being sold; they aren't even being made. Personally, we wish we had kept a couple of these beautiful, bygone, heavy weight mink blankets for ourselves. This is the reason that when we—or you—find a design that we really love, we should definitely snap it up, as it might not be available for long.

In 2009, we were very busy with sales, as we helped people around the country choose the perfect blankets to send the people on their gift list. We were shipping blankets "next day delivery" to excited customers up to December 23. We were so busy that we totally had neglected shopping for the people on our list. With so little time, what were we to do?

Christmas Shopping for Us

That's when we had a brilliant idea; all of our customers were buying gorgeous, thick blankets to give their family, friends, and loved ones, why shouldn't we gift them to ours, as well? The great thing about bestowing a blanket to someone is that you are symbolically wrapping them in love. Plus, with so many designs, it's easy to personalize the gift by choosing an image theme, or color scheme that is just perfect for the recipient.

Once we decided to do that, the choices were pretty easy. We spent hours locating the specific designs we wanted to present to everyone.

First, we delivered a beautiful Kokopelli cover (this design is no longer being made and I wish we had kept one for ourselves) to his dad. For his mom, we gifted a quaint throw that had an image showing a chicken and "Free Eggs" sign. To his kids, we gifted "Four Dolphins," "Black Dragon," and "Pink Fairy." Then, we hand delivered the beautiful, burgundy "Alaska's Favorites" to his very surprised Great Aunt Martie. She was thrilled.

This is the "Alaska's Favorites"; it's just one of the several selections we still offer that feature a multitude of northern animals.

While we were in the city, we decided to take Christmas gifts to surprise our local friends and express our gratitude and appreciation. They were completely surprised. A few the styles we presented to them included "Storybook Fairy," "Blue Fairy," "Christmas Puppies," "Serengeti Lion," "Flaming Skull," and "John Deer Tractors."

 Then, we drove over 45 miles to deliver the fluffy mink blankets to the various members of my family. To my siblings, we presented "Free Eggs," "Guardian Angel," and "Cats." My kids received "Zebra Print" and "Four Dolphins." We gave my dad the "Signature Moose" and my mom the hidden animal blanket, "13 Horses."

This is the "13 Horses "; it's just one of the several selections we still offer that feature hidden animals. Others include "9 Deer," "10 Black Bear," "8 Brown Bear," "9 Horses," "9 Tigers," "13 Wolves," and many others.

There was something perfect for everyone on our list. Plus, they love them so much that they continue to use them to this day. We truly felt that we brought Christmas that year, and I've rarely felt more like St. Nick.

 In Conclusion

Nearly everyone uses blankets, which is one of the reasons that they make such a great gift. The large selection of different styles and images ensures that it's easy to personalize a gift by finding just the right one. Even if someone prefers to use quilts or comforters for their top bedding layer, a snuggly mink blanket makes a fantastic thermal middle layer. For most people, though, these blankets so soft and warm enough that they need little to nothing else on their bed. Plus, since they're so easy to wash and air dry fairly quickly, they make the best throws for use on the sofa or easy chair, where they might see the most use. For those who live in chilly climates or in areas that often see dangerous driving conditions throughout winter, they make a great inclusion in the car, as well, for use in emergencies.

We had so many different designs in 2009, but we have an even larger variety now than we did then. For example, we weren't selling the Sherpa comforters or 2-ply, double-sided mink blankets at that time. Both of those are extra thick and extremely soft, perfect for cooler climates and chilly winter months. We have also added the quilt sets that come with two matching pillow cases. We are confident that all of these would make a cozy addition to anyone's December holiday from Christmas to Yule. What better way to begin the new year than to provide someone with a gift that'll improve their sleep, and thereby positively affect every aspect of their life? Check out our collection of snuggly mink blankets and begin shopping for all of your favorite people. They'll be happy you did.



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